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Can't remember the last time I posted here, but here's the latest incarnation of my desk & as usual I keep my setup progression documented here.

Made it to Iowa last night, surprisingly the trip wasn't that bad.

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antiques + technology = love

Here is my semi-antique* desk, made by St. John's Tables of Cadillac, MI.   It is an ex-library desk with double-sided drawer (there is a handle on the 'front' and the 'back' of the drawer, so it can pull both directions) and two side bookshelves.  There is also what I like to call the don't-kick-the-person-on-the-other-side shelf under the center of the desk.  I just store stationary and inks on top of it. :)

The chair likes to make the desk feel inferior, as it is an antique. ^_^;

*the traditional definition of an antique is anything older than 100 years.

Fanatic Challenge

Are you a Fan? Does your desk illustrate you fanaticism? Show us!

Post pics of your desk(s) with your Fanatic Items in view, point them out and tell us your story about them. Maybe they came from a special place or person or you had to fight like hell, pay big bucks, or even steal (shhhh) to get them.

Here's your chance to show them off!!!

I will be posting mine soon, after I move my desk around a bit here's what I'm so fanatic about:

My dorm room desk; 2010

It's still cluttered. :/

best drawer design?

Hello. Drawers are the weakest part of a desk. What is the best drawer design? What should I consider when choosing a desk?

My Desk...

Jan. 18th, 2010



My lovely little desk lamp with highlighters and pens inside.

My water noise maker thing.

Some candy and jerky I got for Christmas.

An Arizona Black Tea bottle filled with pens.

A desk organizer with my iPod charger and some Zebra Stripe gum in it.

Tegan and Sara's Sainthood Cd.

Sims 3.

A note pad.

My laptop.

I think that's it..

New Monitor and Set Up at Work

My new boss man, finally got me a new monitor and a switcher.
I need a MAC (YAY!) and a PC (BOO!) at work. They use to live side by side taking up a lot of space. Now they share a monitor, keyboard and a mighty mouse.

The only drawback is I have a PC keyboard. It feels like sacrilege. I have to hit the 'windows' key when I when I should be pressing the 'apple' key.

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