New Desk New Opportunities

Hi Everyone!
It's been too long this community has been pretty dormant. Of course I haven't been around in sometime. Maybe it's time to revitalize this page.

I indeed have a new work desk I just got a new job about a month ago and today I'm loving it! My desk is mostly my laptop, phone, monitor and a bunch of carpet lol.

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antiques + technology = love

Here is my semi-antique* desk, made by St. John's Tables of Cadillac, MI.   It is an ex-library desk with double-sided drawer (there is a handle on the 'front' and the 'back' of the drawer, so it can pull both directions) and two side bookshelves.  There is also what I like to call the don't-kick-the-person-on-the-other-side shelf under the center of the desk.  I just store stationary and inks on top of it. :)

The chair likes to make the desk feel inferior, as it is an antique. ^_^;

*the traditional definition of an antique is anything older than 100 years.

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My lovely little desk lamp with highlighters and pens inside.

My water noise maker thing.

Some candy and jerky I got for Christmas.

An Arizona Black Tea bottle filled with pens.

A desk organizer with my iPod charger and some Zebra Stripe gum in it.

Tegan and Sara's Sainthood Cd.

Sims 3.

A note pad.

My laptop.

I think that's it..

New Monitor and Set Up at Work

My new boss man, finally got me a new monitor and a switcher.
I need a MAC (YAY!) and a PC (BOO!) at work. They use to live side by side taking up a lot of space. Now they share a monitor, keyboard and a mighty mouse.

The only drawback is I have a PC keyboard. It feels like sacrilege. I have to hit the 'windows' key when I when I should be pressing the 'apple' key.
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