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Desk, 2009-12-29

A fake lei, a VW bus, plushies, an old school Dr. Pepper lunchbox used to store my external harddrive and USB sticks and cables, a cat statue behind the monitor, 2 calendars, and... a transit schedule. Amongst other things. It'll be interesting to see what the set-up is like next year at this time!!

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My messy desk!

Here comes the desk which is so messy that no one wants to touch it. It was so messy that I couldn't even use it. I blame it on procrastination, exams and the Internet.
Cut for huge pictures.
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New desk space

I moved back to my parents and decided to give my desk to my mom and take hers since she needed it more than I did. The less drawers is also going to help me reduce the junk I would stuff into it!

My work desk / area

I am a e-collectibles specialist for Goodwill of Southern Nevada.  This is my desk / area as of a couple weeks ago.  Pretty much looks the same everyday, give or take a thing or 2 off that i'm researching.



Updated desk pic

I have added a second computer and Dual Monitors to my desk (Yippie!)

nothing special, but it's mine :)

So, this picture is pretty blurry, because it was taken with my blackberry, but it's better than nothing. My beloved Michael Jackson♥ is my wallpaper. If you couldn't tell from the colors, my color scheme is pink & green :) That green frog, is from Hello Kitty<3

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august in Ussr

here's one of pok_dombrovskiy 's work|walk places. But its too pity - now Pok is in work - so lower PC now switched off (both apparatus connected to net & have common sound system - so you have additional possibilities in soundscapes creation))
   but if youre sitting down the desk (in a left corner) right beneat eyes you'll see 24" tv screen without red cannon

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